March 01, 2011

Small Business Portals

Can your company claim to be Eco Friendly and show the list of successful actions you are taking to become paperless?

Being in such a position not only makes the company to look modern and professional but can also increase efficiency improving profitability and, the best of all; doesn’t have to cost much.

The billing process

Imagine you perform one job a week for each one of your 20 customers. Just billing (considering setting up, printing, revising, folding, closing envelops and fixing stamps) could easily cost two hours or more every month; not considering small problems like running out of paper or even having problems with the printer itself.

But, there are other matters to consider; in extreme cases, the mail delivering time can even impact your cash-flow if you realize that any work executed during that time will have to wait until the next month to be charged as the bills have already been sent. In cases like that, you might have end up paying employees or suppliers before being paid for a job; that situation can drive your company into potential financial problems.

Now, how better would it be for every one if you could just send bills via e-mail? Among other advantages, if any customer ever loses a bill, you can always send it again (for free) with the advantage of showing that you are always there whenever needed. How good is that feeling?

The real deal

Once you have the costumer comfortable about receiving e-bills, it will be the time to go a little further. Build a website where the bill will be always available; not only the current bill but all bills from the past. Such a solution creates a bound between you and your customer causing the impression that you do more than what he is paying for. Such a feeling makes it harder to lose the customer and, even better, makes it easier to negotiate better rates.

But it gets better with time. Once customers are frequently coming to your website, you can interact and collaborate with them and ask for suggestions that will help not only to improve your products but also develop the kind of products and services they really want.

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