June 25, 2009

Critical tasks in Small Business

Being a Small Business owner doesn't make you superman! So, believe me, there are things you will not be able to do.

Good news are:
Your business will be a huge success!!
It won't take long!

Now, the bad news:
You may not have time for anything but the company for while. How to manage such a situation?
I have three words for you: "Planning, planning and planning".

a) Know your business. Know what is important and what is critical. Plan when each critical task has to be done and what is necessary in order to complete it. Execute yourself the tasks you considered critical.

b) Know which tasks are important but not critical. Plan when they should be done before becoming critical.

c) Consider having somebody else doing what is important but not critical.

Remember, if you are wonderful at baking cakes and you don't know about Internet but you think it is important to have an updated website, a live blog, several followers in twitter and product pictures on facebook; it can be worth to think about having somebody else managing your Small Business "online life".

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