June 20, 2009

Life online

What does it take, for a small company, to have a web site?
Not much actually. As a matter of facts, it can actually be for free.

There are two things to be concerned about if you want to create a web page for your company:
1) Designing the web page
The design part is related to how beautiful the site is and which information will be in the site.

2) Hosting
Whoever has a website, needs a server to put the site files. When a potential customer types your web address, the server sends to him the site information. There are some companies that provide this sort of service.

3) Registering the domain.
Domain is you address in the Internet; for instance, www.google.com is the domain.
You usually need to register a domain and it costs you some money as well.

Now, how can it possible be for free?

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