June 19, 2009

The cleaning services company web presence

The cleaning services company and the small business web presence - A case study.

John is on the train heading home, too tired to pay attention to anything at all. He closes his eyes and thinks about Anna (his wife) who is always complaining about the cleaning services.

He wonders why he is thinking about it now. May be because the two ladies next him are talking about a small company that claims to be able to clean a house up in less than an hour. The company's slogan is "Housekeeping in 60 minutes or it's free!".

John wishes he could ask the ladies the company's phone number but he is too shy for that.

Lucky for Anna! John remembered the company's slogan and found it at http://www.google.com/.

a) It is very important to have people talking good things about your cleaning services company. But would you rely on overhearing train conversation to have new contracts?
b) It is not enough to have people talking about you. You need listeners to remember. A slogan can be very useful in this case.
c) Now that you have poeple talking about your business and a slogan to help them to remember, you use a website to link your slogan to a phone number, a e-mail address or other ways of contact.

As you see, the cleaning services small business does much better with web presence.

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