June 26, 2009

Making money because of Small Business Web Site

There is a fair number of Small Business companies without any sort of web presence. Some companies, one step ahead, are pretty happy with their beautiful web site where two-year-old information flows in a single direction only.

Don't take me wrong, having a website is better than nothing but, as beautiful sites are hardly ever for free, there are good chances they could have found better ways to invest money to promote their companies.

A website can't be a sign in a desert road waiting for somebody to pass by so it can deliver your message.

A few steps to web success:
1) Have good products or services (don't think it is a problem for you);
2) Have people talking about you (it's natural if you make your customer happy);
3) Make it easy to talk about you (use a slogan, a logo or any sort of symbol). See a case to picture the idea.
4) Now that people hear about you, they might want to find you. A web site can make it easier. To be found, you have to be where the costumer will search.
5) Make Google’s life easy. If you appear after the third page in a Google search you can't expect to be found. You will find a lot of information about it looking for SEO.

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