June 19, 2009

Peter and the painting sign

Peter does a lot o things in construction. He is one of those people that can be called handy.

People love his work but it doesn't mean he will have work next month. This economy has been tough to everyone.

What is hard to believe when you watch the album he calls "My 10 best works". If only people had the time to read the 5 recommendation letters he keeps safe in a folder inside the truck.

It hasn't been this hard since 2001 when he decided to paint a logo and his phone number at the doors of his truck.

After reading this blog he decided to have all pictures in his "10 best works" album scanned. Those pictures will be in his brand new blog. The blog will also have an area with customer's comments and tips about how to fix small painting problems.

When his brother asked him which were the chances of this new blog been actually seem by anybody he said: "The chances are really small, that is way I'm also painting a small plate to put in front of my customers houses. The plate says "By Peter... see my 10 best works at www.peter's10bestwork.blogspot.com".

Peter is now planning on buying a digital camera. He wants to produce videos explaining how he works. He is dying to see his videos in youtube.com.

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